The Fifth Gospel Interview Questions:

  1. The Fifth Gospel. That’s a creative and potentially controversial title, what are you getting at?
  2. In the book, you seek to show how the Christian can distinguish him/herself in the world. What are some of the ways you believe we can really stand out as Christians before a watching world?
  3. In your chapter, Fools for Christ you share how God often invites us to do the ridiculous. What do you mean by that?
  4. How can our weaknesses show something great about God?
  5. You say, “Love is the ultimate trump card!” How so?
  6. You contend that joy is one of the missing links to effective evangelism today. What do you mean by that statement?
  7. You’ve posed the question, “Are you a Fifth Gospel Christian.” Why do you think that’s such an important question for us to be asking in today’s culture?
  8. You’ve talked about being an audio/visual Christian? What do you mean by that?
  9. When all is said and done what do you hope to have accomplished through writing of this book?

General Interview Questions:

  1. Bobby, I know you grew up in California. How did you become a Christ follower?
  2. Can you tell us a little bit about the One Minute Apologist?
  3. What are some of your most memorable interviews?
  4. What does apologetics need to look like in today’s culture?
  5. How can apologetics help both Christian’s and non-Christian’s alike?
  6. What are the limits of apologetics?
  7. How can one get started in apologetics? What’s the starting place so to speak?

Potential Interview Topics:

  1. Did Jesus Rise From The Dead?
  2. What Is Apologetics?
  3. What Does Apologetics Need To Look Like In Today’s Church?
  4. Why Apologetics Isn’t An Option For Pastors?
  5. How To Implement Apologetics In The Local Church
  6. Personal Testimony—how did you become a Christian and get into ministry?
  7. What Is The Problem of Guilt?
  8. How Do I Study The Bible?
  9. Is Jesus The Only Way To Heaven?
  10. Why Did Jesus Die For Me?
  11. Are Miracles Possible?
  12. If God is Good, Why Is There Evil?
  13. Did God Create The Universe?
  14. What Are Some Arguments For The Existence of God?
  15. How To Navigate Intellectual Doubt
  16. How To Crack the Lust Issue
  17. Is Homosexuality A Sin?
  18. What Is The Emergent Church?
  19. Is Hell For Real?
  20. What Is A Christian?