Here are some of my videos. 

Pastor Bobby Conway shares his research on the emergent church movement, helping us to understand the truth behind it and its leaders. Approx. 1hr 25mins.

In this seminar Bobby teaches on the subject of homosexuality. Is it biblically a sin? In this video, Bobby answers this question and many more.

Life Fellowship Church Presents a seminar entitled "Hell Yes, Hell No? A Conversation about Love Wins, Rob Bell, and why you should give a rip" Hear a scriptural response to Rob Bell from Bobby Conway as well as a panel discussion with questions from the audience.

Pastor Bobby delivers a passionate sermon on the subject of Anguish. He calls the church to reflect on the state of the country and the state of the church today. 

The One Minute Apologist exists to provide Christians with credible answers to curious questions.

Our mission at LIFE Fellowship is to pursue at all costs a passionate God-centered LIFE! At Life Fellowship we believe it’s worth the cost to pursue at all costs a passionate God-centered life! We have to pursue the one who came to pursue us (Luke 19:10). Check it out at

Bobby shares how he got started in apologetics.

Our special guest Dr. Erwin Lutzer tells us how he responds to an atheist by giving them a 21 day challenge. Will you take the challenge today? For more info please visit


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