We are not made to be alone. There’s a reason solitary confinement is reserved for the worst of the worst—it’s the complete absence of interaction. Just think of how we try to punish others with the silent treatment. Why is a lack of contact known to make people crazy? As Christians we believe God created us as His image bearers to crave and thrive in community—we are made for interaction.

As His image-bearers we mirror God’s communal nature. This is where the word “Trinity” comes from. Christians maintain the tri-unity of God believing in one God who has eternally existed in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. To be clear: there’s one what—God, and three who’s—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is not, as one Muslim apologist has said, a violation of the law of non-contradiction as we do not claim that God is both one person and three persons or one God and three Gods.

While the term Trinity does not occur in the Bible, the presence of the Trinity can be seen in passages such as Matthew 3:16-17 where all three Persons of the Trinity are present at the same time and place.

When we look at our creativity, sense of humor and ingenuity it’s easy to recognize their practical uselessness had we been created for solitude. The reality of the Trinity underlies our very nature and provides a justification and resounding “why” for who we are as communicative, emotive beings.