Hi Friend. I'm Bobby. 

At this site, I wear multiple hats, those of husband, father, pastor, apologist, author, and friend, and I hope to offer you credible answers to life's most curious questions, while speaking to everyday issues as they relate to ancient, but all too relevant Scripture.

I grew up in the land of fruit and nuts.

That’s right. In California! I wish I could give you a list of all my great credentials growing up. Unfortunately, I can’t. I was summa cum laude in sin. If I had to give you a list of words to describe me before I became a Christian it would look like this: insecure, angry, confused, uneducated, promiscuous, boozer, addictive, foolish, rebellious, and a decent baseball player.

Obviously, this is a recipe for disaster. While living in Southern California at the age of nineteen my college baseball teammate took me to hear an evangelist by the name of Greg Laurie. I resonated with Greg—a recovering pothead, laid back, and a blue jean wearing Bible teaching evangelist. His message resonated and soon I became a follower of Jesus.  

My Education.

After becoming a Christian and getting my life cleaned up, I developed such a passion for God that I couldn’t imagine doing anything but being in full-time ministry. I hung up the cleats and headed off to Conway, Arkansas where I would eventually go to Bible College. During my time in Arkansas, I served as a staff evangelist and a teaching pastor. With a desire to be better equipped for ministry, I went to Dallas Theological Seminary where I earned my Masters of Theology. I also have a Doctorate of Ministry in Apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary and I’m currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Birmingham (UK) in the Philosophy of Religion department.

I'm the One Minute Apologist.

Do you ever find yourself asking bigger than life questions like, “Why do I exist? What is the purpose of life? Can I know God? If so, how? Are miracles possible?” And if God exists what’s with all the evil? Do questions like these ever nag at you? If so, then you’ve come to the right site. I too am a fellow ponderer who thinks about stuff like this.

I’m the founder and host of the rapidly-growing ministry, The One-Minute Apologistwhich is found on YouTube and on my website. I provide quick, credible answers to apologetic questions that resource people with a hunger to defend their Christian faith.  At the OneMinuteApologist.com, I post a new 
apologetic answer video five days per week. These videos will often include interviews. I’ve had the privilege of interviewing some of the world leading Christian apologists. Among them are: William Lane Craig, Josh McDowell, Hank Hanegraaf, JP Moreland, Norman Geisler, Frank Turek, and many more. Not only that, I also serve as the lead pastor at Life Fellowship in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

I'm also an Author. 

Recently, I’ve been burdened to do more writing and now I’m the author of Hell, Rob Bell and What Happens When People Die  and have recently completed my newest book, The Fifth Gospel which is being published by Harvest House and will release in July of 2014. 

I'm available for speaking engagements, and you can book me here. Thank you for taking time to visit my site.


I'm a Pastor & Speaker.

I serve as the lead pastor of Life Fellowship and my primary responsibilities include: visioneering, developing leaders, preaching God’s Word and defending the faith through Christian apologetics. 

As a preacher of God’s Word we capture my weekly messages via video and you’ll find those here as well. At times, I’ll make comments on life as it relates to the Bible, Christian apologetics, evangelism and ministry in today’s church context.

Since 1996, I’ve been married to my bride Heather, and together we have two children, Dawson and Haley. My wife and I enjoy speaking on Family Life’s Weekend To Remember national speaking team, where together we travel the country helping couples experience God’s best in their marriages. My hobbies include: date nights with my bride, family time with my kids, traveling and reading lots of books that many people would describe as boring!