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When it comes to the Bible, we live in a "buffet" culture. 

I address the Word of Faith movement, its teachers, beliefs, and doctrines and dangers.

Many people assume that the God of the New Testament is different than the God of the Old Testament. 

I help explain the marks of a cult and how to identify those around you.

Is Jesus merely a man, or is he God?

Here is a great example of the ability to fulfill only 8 of the prophecies in the Bible, let alone all 300.

I asks our special guest Dr. Norman L. Geisler "Do All Religions Lead to God?"

The Bible expects us to give a defense for what we believe. So why do we not share our faith? Here are reasons for why this is and what we can do about it.

Our life is the 5th gospel. How do we live that out? How do we mirror Christ?

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and you. Are you a living apologetic?

Special Guest Frank Turek of crossExamined.org stops by to answer the question...

I answer more questions on the topic of polygamy in the Bible.

Just because the Bible records something, doesn't mean that it approves it.

Should we talk about sin in our churches, or is it a given? Is everyone just looking for good news?

An interesting quote from Brian McLaren questions the very nature of the Gospel...

I answer the question by looking at what the leading voice in the emergent church has to say.

I discuss the definition of the emergent church in a little over a minute!

Do you struggle finding a passion daily to read the Bible? Hear the heart of special guest Kay Arthur of Precept Ministries unpack how to recapture passion for God's Word.

The One Minute Apologist interviews Special Guest Dinesh D'Souza, who helps us understand the distinctives of the new atheism and how we need to be equipped as Christians to handle that.